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CityView is the City of Baltimore’s mapping portal that provides information on a series of topics of interest for its citizens, visitors, researchers, and business community. This site will be updated with refreshed data and new layers on a frequent basis and feedback from its users will be an important source for making the application more useful to all.

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CityView version 1.6 enhancements (release 04/2015):

  • Popups!: It is now possible to retrieve a layer’s feature information in popup form once clicked on. It used to be that feature information was only visible in the Information section located on the left panel, so now with the addition of popups, this information is much easier to find.

  • Collapsible left side panel: Users can minimize and maximize the left side panel using the grey arrow button. This is beneficial to have a larger map viewing area and so that the map is better viewed on a mobile device.

CityView version 1.5 enhancements (release 04/2014):

  • My Location:
    • Users are able to select from a list of auto suggestions that appear when inputting locations.
    • A user’s Default Location can be saved so that it automatically is inputted every time CityView is used.

  • Find: Users are now able to search for layers by typing key words. For example, if you type in ‘trash’ and all layers related to ‘trash’ will be provided to select. You won’t have to weed through categories to find the layers you need. However the search by categories is still an option, it is just not immediately accessible (click ‘view all categories’ to see them).